Chemistry Notes

I shall be posting here resources which will help you to understand better and in depth the concepts we study in our course.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bonding lessons

Explanation of ionic, covalent and metallic bond in lecture of Khan academy:

Here are some interesting bonding lessons with good animations:

A good site for Lewis structures of molecules with quiz questions:

What is VSEPR theory?

Intermolecular forces determine many properties of the substances. Read here to learn more about their nature:

Gecko forces-what are they?

Some confidence building questions on intermolecular forces:

Relationship between structure and properties:

Water and its "unusual" properties!

To read about the hybridization you can browse this site:

Allotropic forms of Carbon:

What are the buckyballs (fullerenes)? How were they discovered and many interesting facts about this new allotropic form of carbon you can read on the following sites?

And...what is graphene?